Summa summarum

The year in Facebook status-lines – in English, for my English friends. Here you go, girls!
have free lanced as a dog coach and am still wondering why poodle-people decide to get themselves a Rhodesian Ridgeback? * has seen the inside of the court house in Malmö – classy! * has walked back in the cold after a lovely dinner with lovely food – thanks Sara, and all the rest of you! *is turning up the volume on the internet radio – really fogg interviews on BBC Radio 4 and something as unusual as a news story delivered as a poem: ”at 18 they were granted liberty – released into the world but never free” * SUN <3<3<3 * ”Mummy, there is a witch outside our front door” – at 07.30 that one created some consternation in my sleepy mind * Saturday morning, glorious sunshine and I am on my way to the stables with the smallest pony girl – all days should start like this * long walk along the sea. The cowslips are already in bloom in Skåne, in case you want to know; those of you who are still felling chilly up north  😉 * has been taught two new words by my 16-year old: galgfågel (hangdog) and kondottiär (french condottiere, that one´s for you, Emma!).  Lucky we have Google to consult! * is proud as a rooster since my riding instructor has showered me in superlatives – as a rider I will probably never grow older than eight years old * has waved goodbye to the oldest daughter as Kastrup. Have fun lovely! * has written too much (again) – and is cutting, cutting, cutting * My colleagues as Forma don´t know me if they thing I am going anywhere near the loop. That´s just not on the cards! * poetic words about the autumnal haze this morning: It looks like the clouds got lost by the sun” * is picking up mum by the train in a couple og hours * towards the garage for an MOT  – in Simrishamn. That´s what happens when you don´t book in time… Fingers crossed I get to drive the car back again, crappy communal transport between Simris and Lomma I suspect… * No, time for a break *

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